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Orthopaedics & Spine

Our orthopaedic programs are based on current, cutting edge techniques. They include traditional strength and stabilization programs coupled with manual techniques and postural analysis. All of our therapists are certified and trained in the art of dry needling, a safe and effective treatment for many diagnoses including muscle sprains and strains, myofascial back pain, and motion restriction of soft tissues. We also provide post-surgical therapy services for most orthopaedic procedures. Once your initial evaluation is complete, our therapist will tailor these techniques into an effective treatment plan just for you.


The spinal stability programs at Balance Point are comprehensive and can be used for both acute and chronic neck and back conditions. Our therapists will educate and train you on stability, strength, and stretching techniques assuring they are being done with correct form to prevent further injury. We make it easy to transition your exercises into a simple daily program that you can do at home, work, or wherever you need. Future maintenance visits are also provided to refine your programs to meet your ongoing needs.

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