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Vestibular Rehabilitation

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Rehabilitation is the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders in a physical therapy setting. These disorders occur due to a malfunction in the vestibular system (located in the inner ear), brain or due to a loss of adequate sensory input or visual impairment.  All of these systems work together in a very complicated and precise manner to maintain balance and prevent dizziness.  Vestibular therapists identify the system(s) with the malfunction and provide effective treatment to restore each system back to a more normal state.

How will Balance Therapy help me?

Your therapist will do an initial assessment to evaluate your vestibular function and identify what activities cause your dizziness and imbalance.  A discussion of your findings will take place and the a specific exercise program will be implemented.  Each program is individualized to each patient’s needs and may include gaze stabilization, balance and gait (walking) exercises. Other activities may include manual therapy and head positioning maneuvers to reset the vestibular system.  Patients will also be encouraged to perform home exercises to maintain their functional gains.

How effective is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Rehabilitation is very different from traditional physical therapy. The therapists at Balance Point have undergone many combined years of specialized training in vestibular treatment, achieving the highest level of credentialing in the field. Numerous studies have proven that improved functional outcomes and shorter treatment durations occur when patients are treated by therapists with special training in vestibular rehabilitation.


It is critical for effective recovery that the vestibular system be retrained in a very precise manner.  Exercises need to “work” the system, but should not “overwork” it resulting in chronic, long-lasting dizziness symptoms. Your therapist will appropriately monitor your symptoms to ensure proper degrees of intervention. 


There are clinically proven benefits of participating in a balance program with the goals of reducing or eliminating vertigo, improving overall function, maintaining mobility, and gaining balance confidence.

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